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Ernest Hewitt

father of Lewis Hewitt and Pauline Hewitt Thompson
Great Grandfather of Kristina Hewitt, Brandon Gilby, Sandra Foster, Tiffany Hewitt

Ernest Hewitt

Ernest was born 22 Apr 1899 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.   His father was William Edward Hewitt, and his mother was Florence Nightingale Slack.

In the 1901 census we find Ernest living with his parents, sister Theresa, and brother William Edward as well as his fathers widowed mother Harriet.  They are living at 30 Blackburn in Nether Hallam, Sheffield, England.

Ernest served in WWI.  Here records and family stories conflict a bit.  Years ago my grandfather told me a rather romantic story that Ernest had served with the English in WWI, and had met Thelma's brother Oswald.  After the war, Ernest came to Canada with Oswald to find work.  This was during the Great Depression era.  Instead of travelling Canada looking for work, Ernest met and married Thelma.   At another time I heard a story, again from my grandfather I think, that Ernest had lied about his age to serve in WWI as he was too young.

These stories sounded great, and it turns out that Oswald did serve in WWI.  His papers are stamped 81st Battalion, CEF.

There is an Ernest Hewitt, born 22 Apr 1897 in Hull, Yorkshire, England. who joined the CEF from Toronto.  His next of kin is listed as Florence Nightingale.  His papers are stamped 139th overseas Battalion.   At the time he enlisted he was living with his mother af 5 Cornwall St. in Toronto.  His religion is listed as Church of England, He is listed as having blond hair and blue eyes.  His height is listed at 5 ft.

This means he was already living in Canada before he enlisted.

Ernest was located in Toronto living with his mother in the 1921 census.

Where was Ernest in the 1911 census?  Both Canada and England had a census in 1911 and both are available to search.  So far I cant locate Ernest or his parents between the 1901 census and the marriage of Ernest in 1924.

There is a William Edward Hewitt listed in the birth index for England in 1896.

There is a William Edward Hewitt who enlisted for WWI 21 Nov 1914. from Toronto, who lists his next of kin as his mother Florence at 16 Cyprus in Toronto.  He was born 24 Sep 1896 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.  He was a butcher.

Ordering the birth record to see if it lists 24 Sep 1896 as his birthdate might help.

Searching Toronto city directories in that time period might yield something.

On the 31 Oct 1924 at St. Johns Garrison Church (Church of England) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Ernest married Thelma Maud Peverelle.  They planned to live at 166 Sydenham St after marriage.

Ernest and Thelma had five children.  At the time of writing this 2 were still living.

Their first child was Peverelle Shamburg Hewitt.  He was born 17 Jul 1926 and died of diphtheria 15 Feb 1928.  He is buried in Union Cemetery in Port Hope.  I'm interested to know where this Shamburg name comes from as it shows up in other parts of Thelma's family.

Ernest died 20 Jan 1945 in Ontario, Canada.

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