Sunday, February 12, 2012

Angelina Friar

***3rd great grandmother of Kristina Lee Hewitt***
***3rd great grandmother of Tiffany Hewitt***
***3rd great grandmother of Brandon Gilby ***
***3rd great grandmother of Sandra Foster ***

Angelina Friar was born 3 Sep 1836 in Hope Township, Ontario, Canada.  She was the daughter of Jonas Friar and Anne Haskill

On 17 Sept 1860 in Ontario,  Angelina married Andrew R Doyle.

Angeline is listed in a 1889 city directory for Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Angeline Doyle is listed in a 1895 city directory for Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Angelina died 19 Oct 1907 in Ontario, Canada.

After her husband died, Angelina adopted a son, Charles Shamberg Doyle born in 1885.  He is living with her in the 1891 census.  I wonder if he was related in some way, because it seems unlikely a widow would want to adopt a young child....


Her maternal haplogroup would have been H6a1 (the haplogroup of two of her tested direct female line descendants,all are descendants of her daughter Julia Ann Doyle)

Autosomal DNA testing:

Several direct descendants have tested at 23andme including Kristina Hewitt, Sandra Foster, Tiffany Hewitt, Brandon Gilby, Pauline Hewitt and Lewis Hewitt.

I would be interested in hearing from other descendants of who have tested autosomal DNA at 23andme or FTDNA.

If you haven't tested yet, but would like to know more, you can read my post about autosomal testing for genealogy HERE


1881 census of Canada

1891 census of Canada

1901 census of Canada

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