Saturday, December 31, 2011

Collaborate Genealogy : is a collaborative genealogy site.  The idea is for everyone in the world to be united in one tree.     

At, As of Jan 7, 2014 there is over 74 million people in's World Family Tree.  

So, how do you go about joining this tree?

Firstly, you join    You can join for free.  Later, you can decide if a Pro membership would be something you are interested in.  Some of the steps I will be describing do require a Pro membership.

Then you add your details (dates and locations of birth, marriage etc) and the details of your parents and your grandparents and great grandparents.  

Odds are very good by this time you will start to see matches.  

These will appear on your homepage in the top right part of the page like this:

You will also see the matches in Tree View like this:

When you mouse over the blue circles which indicate a match, you will see this:

There are three types of matches possible.  

The first type of match is a Tree Match.  This will show in the first box which will be blue.  This means that a possible match has been found with another profile on   

The second type of match is a Record Match.  This means that a potential match has been found with a record at MyHeritage.  These require a data subscription to access.  

The third type of match is a Smart Match with a profile in a MyHeritage tree

*the opinions in this post are mine, and not necessarily those of, MyHeritage or any other entity

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