Saturday, December 3, 2011

Amazing update!

Yesterday I was contacted by an individual who I will not yet name, but this person believes that he is my biological father.  Apparently he was my mothers boyfriend at the time, and she had told him that she was pregnant, and he saw me a couple times after my birth.  We chatted for some time on the telephone last night, and he has seen the picture of my mother on my blog and recognized her.  He came to my blog by searching for her rather unusual name.   One thing I would like to mention here is that others who knew her back then may have known her as Jan Cordelli.  She also apparently led people to believe she was 23 when she was 18. This is the name that this individual knew her as first back in 1973, but he later learned her real name.  He will be testing with the same company (23andme) that I have already tested many family members at, so in a few weeks we will know for sure.

This individual also had been told by a roommate of my mothers at that time that she had had 3!!! children prior to me.  This is the second time that someone has suggested that (another person suggested she had twins prior to me) my mother had other children who were placed for adoption, I believe here in Ontario.  On Monday I intend to apply for the non-identifying info and place myself on the contact list for any children born before me.  My mother had rare mtDNA, u8a1, so if you are adopted and born sometime prior to 1974 likely in Ontario, please contact me and arrange to test thru 23andme, I would love to know if you exist!

This person has the ancestral background that my 23andme matches suggested, French Canadian and Irish.  I am currently working on seeing if I can connect a paper trail between him and my 23andme matches with the info he provided me on his grandparents but we will likely have to wait out the weeks before 23andme processes his DNA kit.

Needless to say I am excited to have heard from this person, and eager to see the results of the test, and also still very much in shock.  

It really seems every question that gets answered leads to more questions!


  1. Wow! This is amazing. I can't wait to hear the outcome.

  2. Incredible news! I look forward to learning the outcome as well.