Thursday, November 17, 2011

What the heck Social Security Admin?

I was sitting here, anxious as can be refreshing my inbox, as I heard some people got their results from 23andme testing just now.  And in comes an e-mail informing me that according to Megan Smolenyak the Social Security Admin has just decided no more applications can be revealed unless than are 100 years old??
If it was April 1st I would think this was a joke!  But here it is for your reading:

I order(ed??!) these SS-5s all the time.  They are (were???!!!) a great way to find out the parents names, and like Megan, I fail to see how "revealing" parents names we must already know to prove they are deceased is useful at all.  With so many new and exciting record collections online, I'm amazed to see this one disappear!

I'm outraged.  If I was an American citizen I would protest.  Seriously.  Tomorrow morning they would show up to work and I'd be there with a picket sign.   I have absolutely no idea why they would suddenly, unannounced, do such a thing!

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