Sunday, November 27, 2011

last set of kits results in this week:

for my maternal half brother Brandon and my great aunt Pauline (maternal grandfathers sister).  I now have 5 profiles on my account.

I am still sorting the information into my various spreadsheets, and getting RF invites sent out.

Current Stats

Myself: 1004 in RF, 299 sharing, 10 declines
Sandra: 767 in RF, 225 sharing, 7 declines
Lewis: 895 in RF, 237 sharing, 5 declines
Brandon: 777 in RF, 136 sharing, 1 decline
Pauline: 790 in RF, 150 sharing, 0 declines

All my RF cousins have been contacted, so its a waiting game of waiting on new RF matches, and reviewing the trees of the 299 shares and new ones as they accept.    I was happy to see I did pass 1000 RF matches without trouble, hopefully that continues to work out.

I have also contacted all the RF on Sandra's profile.

Number of confirmed paper trails: still ZERO.

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