Thursday, May 5, 2011


A few weeks ago, 23andme had a sale, where the DNA test was free (pay shipping and monthly charge only) and I ordered one.

Then I sat and waited, and a week ago they told me my genetic profile was ready. I immediately logged in and read the info, but the Relative Finder was not done yet and told me I'd have to wait about a week longer for that. Since that was the main reason I had the test done, this teased me, and had me looking a few times a day for the RF list to populate.

In the meantime I uploaded my raw DNA data to which is a website that matches your dna results to others who have also uploaded theirs, including from other companies such as ftDNA.

My list of matches was interesting because they were not what I all.

So now the hunt is on, to figure out what is going on!

You are allowed 5 contact attempts per day.

Today my list RF has 681 people on it. 4 are 4th cousins, the rest are 5th or further out, mostly 23andme guesses 5th cousins.

Of the 681 people, so far 9 of them are sharing with me (which lets us see exactly which segments we share)


  1. I love 23andme. It took some effort but I have been able to confirm several genealogical relationships using Relative Finder. It's nice to be sure that I am researching the correct people! Hope you enjoy it & find it useful!

  2. We've had some results that hint at unexpected ancestry, as well. It's been fascinating figuring out how to approach the research and how much weight to give it. Have fun!