Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Disclosure statement

Seems they are all the rage these days, and I don't want to miss out on a chance to babble so....following the advice wisely given by Thomas MacEntee Why You Need a Blogging Disclosure Statement here is mine:

- All blog/website posts reflect my actual opinions either good or bad about a product, service, company etc.

- Links/banners may be paid affiliate links in which I would get a commision if you purchased/subscribed etc. If the product/site/service is a good one, and I'm going to be writing about it anyways I may as well make a profit on it no? Sometimes I have simply not gotten around to making a link an affiliate one. My primary income is from client research projects not advertising on websites/blogs.

- Any genealogy related company, service, product is welcome to contact me and send me their book, website, etc to review. If I like it, I'll likely post something good about it. If I don't like it, I'll likely post that too, likely with what would have made me like it and/or why I didnt like it.

- All opinions on my blog and websites are my own, and not necessarily the opinion of any other person or company or organization with whom I may be associated.

- I accept/have accepted free products from many companies some of whom I list here:

- Appletree.com sent me some lovely sweaters, a blanket and T-shirts for myself and immediate family

- I am curator at Geni.com, and have received a curator T-shirt from them

- I have in the past sold databases to Ancestry.com and also was a provider of research services at Expert Connect when Ancestry.com ran that program, and I have paid affiliate links from Ancestry.com

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  1. You can also include this disclosure statement as a page with a tab at the top of your blog. I've done that on my own blog so it is available on each post.