Friday, November 15, 2013

Athalie Blaquiere

Athalie Blaquiere was born about 1846 in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Athalie Blaquiere was the daughter of Firmin Blaquiere and Victoire Doiron.

Athalie Blaquiere married Andre Doiron in 1871 at St-Alexis-de-Matapedia-Quebec, Canada

She was his 2nd cousin (both great grandchildren of Alexis Doiron and Madeleine-Josephe Bourge) and also his 2nd cousin once removed (he a great great grandson of Joseph Comeau and Anne Marie Doucet and she a great granddaughter) (3rd and 4th degree consanguinity dispensation required)

Athalie Blaquiere died 28 Jun 1894 in Massachusetts, USA.

Her death record lists her parents as Francois Blaquiere and Victoire Blaquiere, a housewife, buried in Canada, and born in Canada, and her husband as Andre Doiron.

Her cause of death was tuberculosis.  Why she is in Salem, Massachusetts is not known to me.

She was buried at St-Alexis-de-Matapedia, Quebec, Canada.  The burial record confirms her death date as 28 Jun 1894.

The children of Andre Doiron and Athalie Blaquiere include:

Marie Doiron

Victoire Doiron

Joseph Doiron

Judith Doiron

Damien Doiron

Georges Andre Doiron


1871 Census of Canada

1881 Census of Canada

1891 Census of Canada (Andre listed as Landry)

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