Friday, January 6, 2012

Genealogy Task of the Day - Day 5 - Siblings

We have now covered some basics about yourself and both your parents.

Today, record 10 things about each of your siblings.  You can use the questions on Day 1 as prompts if you like.

Some additional questions to prompt you:

- hair colour

- eye colour

- height

- blood type

- sports enjoyed, and do they play or just watch that sport?

- your first memory of this sibling

Bonus points if you go back and add more answers for yourself and your parents.

Genealogy Task of the Day - Day 4 - DNA

Todays task of the day is to look into and hopefully order an autosomal DNA test for yourself.  Two major companies offering this test are 23andme and FTDNA.

Males and females can take this test, and both companies then offer a matching service to match you with cousins who share DNA segments.

If a DNA test isn't in the budget, perhaps you could start saving for a DNA test in the future.

Genealogy Task of the Day - Day 3 - All about Mom

The task of the day is to write 10 things about your mother, you can use the questions on Day 1 as prompts.

Genealogy Task of the Day - Day 2 - All about Dad

Today's task is to write at least 10 things about your father.  You can use the questions from Day 1 as prompts if you like.

Genealogy Task of the Day - Day 1 - All about you

Day 1- All about YOU

Do you wish your great-great-great grandmother had written a nice long autobiography filled with everything from her favorite food and pastimes to the names of her parents?  Someday your great-great-great grandchild may be wishing the same about YOU

For today, the Genealogy Task of the Day is to record at least 10 things about you.  

Some thoughts on possible first 10 things to write:

- When were you born?

- Where were you born?

- Do you play any musical instruments?

- Can you draw or paint well?  

- What grade school(s) did you attend?

- What high school(s) did you attend?

- Who was/were your best friends growing up?

- What hobbies do you enjoy?

- How much did you weigh at birth?

- Do you have any medical conditions?

Website of the day - Jan 7, 2012 -

Great for gathering family stories

Website of the day - Jan 8, 2012 - 23andme

One of the options for autosomal DNA testing is 23andme.

23andme plans to make genetic genealogy a priority in 2012, with new labs and updates.

Website of the day - Jan 5, 2012 -

Arguably the top testing company for genetic genealogy, FTDNA has tests for Y-DNA, mtDNA, and autosomal DNA testing.

Website of the day - Jan 4, 2012 Fold3

Formerly known as, Fold3 has a focus on military records.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Born This Day - Jan 02

Lucy Barnes

Lucy was the daughter of Deacon Daniel Barnes and his wife Zeruiah Eager.

Lucy married Samuel Stevens 23 Jun 1742 in Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.

Children of Samuel Stevens and Lucy Barnes:

Jonas, born 1743

Daniel, born 1746

Francis, born 1749

Lucy, born 1752

Lydia, born 1758

Lucy was a descendant of Edmund Rice.


History of the town of Marlborough, Middlesex county, Massachusetts: from its first settlement in 1657 to 1861; with a brief sketch of the town of Northborough, a genealogy of the families in Marlborough to 1800, and an account of the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the incoporation of the town by Charles Hudson.

Website of the Day - Jan 1, 2012 -

This years first Website of the Day is is a genealogy website run by the LDS.  They are free, and have an amazing number of records indexed and record images available.  According to the latest email they sent out (Dec 2011), they have apparently indexed 692,038,100 records.  153,013,100 of those records were completed in 2011.

There are records from pretty much every location and time period.

Some records are available as images only, which you navigate rather like the microfilms.   In time these records will be indexed, but the website makes them available to those of us who just can't wait for that and are willing to take the time to browse the images.

I am both an indexer and arbitrator there.

Please consider volunteering to index and/or arbitrate there to keep this great site growing.

Born this day - Jan 1 Alvan Allan born 1784

Alvan Allen 

Alvan Allen was born 01 Jan, 1784 in Spencer, Massachusetts, USA, the son of Israel and Thankful (Greenwood) Allen.

Alvan married Mehitable Goodnow in Massachusetts on 10 Feb 1809.  The book "Walter Allen of Newbury, Mass., 1640, and some of his descendants : with a few notes on the Allen family in general" by Allen Herbert Bent. indicates they were married in 1800 but this is an error.  

In addition, the birth of their daughter Caroline is 5 May 1810 not 5 May 1801 as listed in the book, and the birth of their son Oshea was 8 Sep 1812 not 8 Sep 1802 as indicated in the book.  (Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 has the correct birthdates)

Children of Alvan and Mehitable include:

1. Caroline, born 5 May 1810

2. Oshea, born 1812

3. Alvan, born 1815

4. David G, born 1816

5. Angelina, born 1818

6. Alvan, born 1821

7. Martha Ann, born 1823

8. Mehitable, born 1826

Alvan was listed in the 1810 census.

Alvan was listed in the 1820 census but lists him as "Alwin Allen".

Alvan was listed in the 1830 census, but has listed the household as having 7 people, when the image clearly shows 8.

Alvan died 12 Oct 1840 in Spencer, Massachusetts, USA.  His estate was administered in 1840 in Spencer.  There is some "guardianship" issue for Alvan in 1841, likely the guardianship of his youngest children .  Copies have not been obtained of the actual estate or guardianship files.

Alvan was an Edmund Rice Descendant, as was his wife Mehitable Goodenow.

Alvan's line: Alvan Allen-Israel Allen-Obadiah Allen-Mercy Rice-Henry Rice-Edmund Rice


"Walter Allen of Newbury, Mass., 1640, and some of his descendants : with a few notes on the Allen family in general" by Allen Herbert Bent.

Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 (Online Database:, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2001-2010)

1810 US Federal Census at

1820 US Federal Census at

1830 US Federal Census at

Edmund Rice Assocation