Monday, January 13, 2014

Jonas Friar born about 1807

Jonas Friar was born about 1807 in USA.  Possibly in NY or PA.  He was of German descent. Jonas Friar was also known as Jonas Fryer.

Jonas Friar married Anne Haskill 2 Oct 1834 at St. John's Anglican Church, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.   

Children of Jonas Friar and Anne Haskill:

Angelina Friar

David Friar

Jonas Friar

Phylander Friar

Juliett Friar 1850-1938

Lorenzo Friar (adopted?) 

Caroline C Friar

Jonas Friar's parents have been a mystery to me for over 20 years and I am desperately hoping to break thru this brick wall.

Known descendants who have DNA tested for genetic genealogy:

Lewis Hewitt (23andMe autosomal)

Pauline Hewitt Thompson (23andMe autosomal)

Kris Hewitt Stewart (23andMe autosomal)

Sandra Foster (23andMe autosomal)

Brandon Gilby (23andMe autosomal)

Tiffany Hewitt (23andMe autosomal)

Katelyn Stewart (23andMe autosomal)

Samantha Stewart (23andMe autosomal)

If you are a descendant of Jonas Friar and Anne Haskill click here for more info on how you can help!